Financial Insyghts is a recognized thought leader in confidence-driven decision making. Using the principles of socionomics pioneered by Robert Prechter, the firm studies how changes in our level of confidence alter our preferences, decisions and actions.

Where economics and other social sciences focus on high or low levels of confidence as outcomes of our actions, Financial Insyghts’ research turns the process around and analyzes how our choices change based on our specific level of confidence.

For Investors, Financial Insyghts analyzes non-market indicators of confidence which frequently accompany significant turning points in market sentiment.

Given the contrarian nature of non-market indicators, Financial Insyghts’ research helps professional investors avoid falling victim to the confidence of the crowd.

For Corporations, Financial Insyghts analyzes their confidence “correlations” – how changes in confidence alter everything from supply chain management practices to M&A.

Companies spend millions of dollars every year looking at the impact of changes in interest rates and commodity prices, but they are missing the bigger picture: Confidence levels drive the effectiveness of marketing strategies, recruiting and product innovation.

By understanding their confidence “correlations”, corporations can quickly improve their risk management processes and avoid the pitfalls of their competitors.

For Public Policymakers, Financial Insyghts can explain how changes in confidence will impact critical public services. Confidence levels have a significant effect on public health, safety and education.

For those involved in regulation and national security understanding how confidence “correlated” human behaviors are is critical.

Financial Insyghts provides a full range of consulting services from one-time presentations on confidence-driven decision making for beginners to on-call services for the most experienced investors, executives and policymakers.

Consulting clients of Financial Insyghts may also choose to receive the firm’s weekly Commentary – a real time analysis of economic, cultural and political news. What the world around us is really telling us about social mood and our level of confidence. Click here for a recent example.