Recent Presentations/Panel Discussions

CFA Society Seattle and Victoria – “Investing In a Very Moody World”, September 2016

The Academy of the New Church Secondary Schools – “The Truth About Confidence”, July 2016

Reves Center For International Relations – “Falling Confidence And Its Impact on The 2016 US Presidential Election And Current World Events”, April 2016

CFA Society Richmond – “Confidence In The Markets”, April 2016

Auriemma Consulting – “The Role of Confidence in Consumer Lending And Borrowing”, March 2016

CFA Society of Pittsburgh – “Investing In a Very Moody World”, December 2015

Cornell Club of Greater Philadelphia – “Consumer Confidence and Decisions in the Marketplace”, April 2015

Mason School of Business – “Business Survival In A Moody World”, April 2015

Stevens Institute of Technology Center for Complex Systems and Enterprises (CCSE) – “The Role of Over and Underconfidence in Financial Decision Making”, October 2014

EO Boston – “Confidence-based Decision Making”, October 2014

Auriemma Consulting – “The Role of Confidence in Consumer Lending And Borrowing”, October 2014

Chesapeake Bay Chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization – “Moods, Markets & Money: How Confidence Warps Decision Making”, April 2014

TEDx College of William and Mary “Underconfidence”, April 2014

The Socionomics Institute – 2014 Conference: "Using Socionomics In Real Time”, April 2014

Mason School of Business – "Five Years from the Brink: What has (really) Changed?”, February 2014

Strategic Foresight Investments – “Using Socionomics to Enhance Investment Returns”, September 2013

TEDx WilmingtonConfidence-Driven Decision Making August 2013

National Association of Active Investment Managers – 2013 Uncommon Knowledge Conference: “Adding Social Mood to Your Investment Process”, April 2013

Circle Wealth Management – “Moods and Markets”, April 2013

Leadership Delaware – “Education: The Post-Bubble Road Ahead”, March 2013

College of William and Mary Economics Department – “Confidence and Valuation”, January 2013

Susquehanna Bank – “Fifty Shades of Uncertainty: Our Post-Election Global Economy”, November 2012

Janus Capital – “Investing and Politics Roundtable”, a panel discussion with Stanford Economics Professor John Taylor and executives from Janus moderated by Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal, October 2012

Mason School of Business – “Opportunities in Financial Services in a Post-Crisis World”, October 2012

New Mexico Housing Authority – Housing Summit: 2012 “Housing In A Post Bubble World: A Socionomic View”, presentation and panel discussion with Rolf Pendall, Director, Metropolitan Housing & Communities Policy Center The Urban Institute, August 2012

Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy – “America’s Moody Blues”, presentation and panel discussion with David Walker, former US Comptroller General and Founder and CEO of the Comeback America Initiative, June 2012

The Socionomics Institute – 2012 Conference: “Horizon Preference: How Changes in Confidence Alter Decision Making”, April 2012

New America Foundation – “Mapping Mood and the Markets”, February 2012


“Peter Atwater is one of the most articulate and insightful members of the World Economic Roundtable, a network of business economists, Wall Street practitioners, and policy experts who meet regularly to discuss issues related to the global economy. I had Peter speak before the group last year on his book on the Social Mood in what turned out to be one of the most successful and intellectually stimulating sessions we have organized over the past two years. Both as a writer but even more as a speaker, Peter has that special kind of brilliance—the ability to see and understand things that other experts can’t see and to explain them in a way that makes you say “why didn’t I think of that.” In other words, he has an almost unique ability to take the tangle of complex economic, social, and political phenomenon and help others see more clearly what is important and not important. As reading his book on the Social Mood, I was moved to write the following about the book:

‘Peter Atwater brilliantly provides a framework for understanding both the social-economic hubris that led to the great credit bubble of the past decade and the dark social-psychological hangover that has resulted from its collapse. In so doing, he offers an invaluable guide to what promises to be a very difficult and turbulent period ahead as we experience what he calls the “me, here, and now” behavioral tendencies of the post-crash world.’

Peter is currently one of the most undervalued and under-recognized talents of our time, and his stock as a writer, speaker and analyst will rise as he becomes better known.”

- Sherle R. Schwenninger, Director, Economic Growth Program; Director, World Economic Roundtable; New America Foundation


“You were phenomenal and added tremendous depth and interest to the discussion today.

Your perspective and engaging delivery really advanced the event, and I am personally grateful, and I know Janus is very appreciative.”

- Steven Shapiro, Founder and Principal, Communications Strategy Group


“After 30 years of following the markets, I rarely hear anything that changes my perception of the world, but I thought Peter Atwater’s perspective was profound.

My understanding of our world was enhanced by his participation today, thanks for finding him.”

- Private Banker Attending Janus Election Panel
(unable to provide name/affiliation due to company’s non-endorsement policy)


YOU, Peter Atwater, have scored the highest of reviews, evaluated to be excellent in content, in timeliness, on a presentation of important and relevant topics. Several years we invited you back for a second presentation on a different topic … something we rarely do, and only when our Leadership Delaware fellows demand it.

Peter, I have had the privilege of being present in each of your presentations to our Leadership Delaware fellows. I look forward to each, and have always found your vision, your insightfulness, and your knowledge to be top rate! I could listen to you every day, and I know that our fellows would agree.”

- Terry Strine, Chairman and CEO, Leadership Delaware


“Your keynote address proved to be a terrific way to launch [our] Program last week. You have a terrific presentational style and your remarks were informative, stimulating and even provocative. The fact that conversations continued from around the dinner table Thursday evening throughout the events of the next day was proof of engagement with your analysis and ideas about moods and markets – the sign of a good keynote address.”

- Executive Director
(unable to provide name/affiliation due to organization’s non-endorsement policy)


“I was not expecting to hear a unified economic theory that solved for political, social, economic and military trends on a global and local basis.”

“I found the two hours we spent listening and talking to Peter slip by in a flash, in fact, when someone said we’d been there listening and talking for two hours, I couldn't believe it.”

“I think those who did not attend really, really missed out.”

“9’s on all for me and yes to seeing him and topic again!”

“Peter was amazing! What a great event!”

“It was truly a fascinating and highly useful event.”

- Chesapeake Bay Chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization